ceo goblog – The four-letter-word Principle in talent management

Quality is very much determined by the quality of people you hire. Unfortunately every recruitment is a game of chance no matter how knowledgeable and competent you think you are in evaluating people.

It is a relationship. Someone quipped that the greatest risk he has ever taken is getting married. In a way recruitment or the engagement of a talent is quite similar although the level of emotions may not be as intense. It is about the management of relationship.

In my New Year address to my team of administrators, I laid out my principle in managing talent and managing the relationship. I call it the four-letter-word principle, FIRM and FAIR.  Spontaneously they responded by suggesting the other four letter word which I seldom, rarely and quite embarass to use. It is my upbringing you see. I do not find it classy.

Off course figuratively speaking I would not hesitate to do that four letter word if my being fair and firm is not reciprocated.

I guess the message could not be simpler than that.


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