Inspigob is in Bangalore for aeroindia 2007

Inspigob is in Bangalore for Aeroindia 2007, the biennial aerospace exhibition.

My Canadian friend of Bangalore origin said it correctly. Bangalore is a victim of its own success.

THe hotel rates in Bangalore is the third highest in the world, so says a report I read in the net. During the air show it is it easily jumps to the topspot, the most expensive hotel rates in the world.

I am paying approximately USD 600 + 12% tax, a night, for a standard room at the Grand Ashok. For a supposedly IT outsourcing capital of the world wireless access is USD 21, per 24 hours, extra. I am taking things for granted, expecting acess to like the air we breathe. I forgot someone has to make money. When I asked, the business centre staff blame in on the politicians of Karnataka.

An Indian friend met up with me after breakfast. It was a nice feeling. Meeting a friend, a native, a local, on an alien land always gives you a special feeling, even for a citizen of the world. Great to see you Mukund!!

I am off to the show. A chauferr driven car is cheap though!!


12 Responses to Inspigob is in Bangalore for aeroindia 2007

  1. inspigob says:

    rejuv was average. the girl attending to me was a punjabi from delhi. she was what a punjabi matron should physically be. I was her capati dough for the evening.
    i was rejuvenated.

  2. inspigob says:

    bangalore electronic city was awesome. approx 15 kmride on bumpy artery to chennai amongst trucks tuttut buffaloes and cows. a place called whitefield. a sanctuary for discoverer, innovator, creator, . 20000 knowledge workers in cramped offices in an estate a fraction of cyberjaya.

  3. inspigob says:

    all the.watering holes and night spots close @ 2359. the young techies do look well behaved. historically conservative so said my canadian bangalorian.
    for a city of young techies the nights at the bar were quiet, a fraction of chilies
    i am for it, that the night are for rest and solitude. the navy practices that too. shore leaves are not to exceed 2359. break it and you wil be shal be l at the mercy of the XO or CO.

  4. aishwary raj says:

    If the hotel rates in Bangalore is the third highest in the world.Why not just sleep in a car with the chauffeur. It will bring u anywhere u want. Seriously.

  5. inspigob says:

    if aishwary were the chauffeur i dont mind putting the cap on, even if she was aishawary lookalike. Unfortunately his name was kumar. I had a scare at the show this morning. I thot I Iost my phone. I had to seek help from a fellow visitor to make that call. What a relief when it was kumar who answered. Had it been a city taxi, this phone would be history. i gave him a generous tip,
    more than his monthly basic That would help him buy that 29″ tv his wife wanted. Rp 8000 he said which I thought was expensive..
    he did well, doubling up as tour agent,and part time promoter of handicraft stores. I ended up buying 3 authentic pashmeenas from one. I had a lesson on kashmiris pashmeena from Azad the assistant. I think he charged quite a fee for the tuition.

  6. inspigob says:

    The concept of GATED COMMUNITY must have been invented by the indians. You see beautiful clusters in its own little worlds. You are in the real world while tunneling between communities. The outside is the world dominated by the downtrodden, the pariahs the untouchables. even as you travel in your tunneling machines, windows drawn up, you are in your own world oblivious to the filth, of the real world. the real world fends for itself and as years go by get sucked in the maelstrom with no one throwing the lifeline.
    now the silicon valley of bangalore is a repeat of the accepted concept. someone else is going to continue doing the dirty work. It is now called the digital divide. How the digital wall is going to interface with the physical wall and the the wall that divides colour, creed. caste.,class, I just wonder. or it is another wall adding theto the many walls that have existed.

  7. inspigob says:

    I am beginning to like the grand ashok. It is the sprawling garden and forest surrounding it that give this feeling of grandeur. I do not fancy the one with that icing lookalike.
    The architecture is simple, simple lines and functional, unpretentious.
    The Grand Ashok is playing host to the majority of the guests of the Indian government. The morning breakfasts are glittering parades as the air marshalls, the generals trooping in, accompanied by the aides and a dedicated butler each. More than 30 countries are represented.
    Imagine British India minus the buntings and the elephants. The service has been above average though not yet immaculate.
    Not unlike HSBC, there are relationship officers tending to our needs making the hotel very human. Janita the GRE made hell of a difference.
    I am leraning a bit of indian geography. She is from a state bordering Burma , so she was more more south east asian than indian.
    The bill come to a whopping 115+ K rupees. Had it not been for the breakfast meeting with the General I would have been whinning and whinning and grumbling and grumbl……It is a coup!!

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  9. inspigob says:

    THE AIRSHOW. The airshow was organized by the IAF.It was hed in an active airbase. The Farnborough Air show people were the event manager. Combined that with the new generation fighters requirement by the IAF you have a record turnout of exhibitors. AIRINDIA has been the showcase of russian miliary hardware for many years.
    Their support had been amply rewarded. The most recent purchase was the SU30. Malaysia bought 18, IAF is procuring more than 200. India, hindustan, the military power.
    Getting into the show for foreign visitor is hell of a challenge. The organization: the registration, transport, security were substandards. I have not been impressed by the many commercial events organized in INDIA. The same could not be said about their military functions and their topend hospitality industry.
    Getting out of India was equally tedious. Seven queues before you can finally take your seat. The departure terminal was near bedlam. This was my third bad experience. Mumbai was an exception.

  10. motiintl says:

    Did you get any busy done at the Airshow? I’m attending AeroIndia 2009 representing several clients for lead generation purposes. Any tips on how to get the most out of the show?

  11. motiintl says:

    Did you get any BUSINESS done at the Airshow? – that’s what I meant!

  12. inspigoblog says:

    Pre identification is necessary. Do your homework.

    Hope next year it would be better. It was not up to the mark. It was a hassle, particularly for private visitors like me. If you were in uniform and a guest you will be taken care of. Otherwise even registration was a problem and the transport system at the base was very disorganised and third world.

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