ceo goblog – I practice Hudud

One organization  was thinking that it would be able to steamroll us, by taking a legal action against us. They served us a summon, which we feel  is unfounded and fraudelent.  I gathered my legal team.

Look here guys, our business is based on justice and fairplay. We will honour whatever promise or committment we have made. We are an honorable organization, but the moment someone tries to steamroll us, my order is “get those bazookas out guys!!!”

They did!! and they did exceedingly well. Not only the bazookas, they brought out  the seawolfs, the penguins, the exocets.

I often reminded my guys that in business it is righteous not to shortchange. It is not righteous to cheat, to underspecify, to deliver beyond the promised dates. In business we have to be fair and just.

We subscribe and practice hudud, the limit, the principle of an eye for an eye. I always use the phrase ‘If you whack me I will whack you back”. This applies to indescipline, unkept promises, breach of trusts, or any business malpractices. It is not just about the cutting of limbs. There are ample laws of the land to take care of misdeeds.

Cutting of the limbs are the maximum punishment allowable by God for appropriate crime. There are also the limits of GOD in marriage and divorce, in inheritance. Suffice to say hududullah is not just about limits to  criminal punishments, which unfortunately many religionists and pro- syariah make it out to be.

Back to this issue of hudud in criminal offences, if I were in a Saudi Arabia, if somene steals  Rial100 from the company’s kitty,  I would not push for the judge to punish him by cutting his left arm. I would however support a court who would punish those swindlers of the Pilgrimage Saving Fund by chopping of the  arm. The same applies to those who swindle  the government,  billions for projects that they know they will not deliver.  No, just the arm, not beyond.

However if the law of the land says the maximum punishment is imprisonment for 2o years with lashings, so be it.

Ready to do battle guys??


3 Responses to ceo goblog – I practice Hudud

  1. Norasiah says:

    hududullah? interesting, wishing you happy anniversary/ one year old today, keep writing and will keep on reading

  2. Scorpionstar says:

    Wish the hudud law was implemented. Wonder how many government servants and politicians will be “bodily deducted” for their never ending swindles?

  3. inspigoblog says:


    hudud is not bodily deduction. It is just limit to punishment allowable. There are hudud for inheritance, adoption, etc etc. men are supposed to use the wisdom, or logic to decide the punishment but do not go beyond limits set by god. Do not punish a man for stealing by killing him. Do not mutiliate him for stealing meagre sums. The punishment must be apropriate to the crime.

    Look at the concept, philosophy and principles of hudud rather then bodily deduction. Even the religionists are too preoccupied with capital punishment.

    Please visit

    Remember sun-tzu. One of the emperors concubines refuse to toe the line. The punishment recommended by sun tzu was to have her beheaded. That is beyond the limit but effective.

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