Hypocrisy or is it political expediency? opposition against the excavation near the temple of the mount, Jerusalem

I like to think of it as purely political expediency. I am referring to the outpouring of anger by some muslims all over the world opposing the excavation and construction of a bridge near the compound of the Temple of the Mount, Jerusalem. The OIC, through its current chairman, Malaysia, even lodged an official complaint with the United Nation.

If it is purely for political expediency, then the demonstrations and oppositions have been effective. The world is made aware that the Palestinians issue is still topmost in the mind of people all over the world, irrespective of color, creed or religious affiliation.

The segregations and oppressions of Palestinians by the Israelis even on the premise that they are at war defy those basic human values. Wasn’t it President Carter who courageously echoed the view that Israel practices Apartheid? The Wall is now the Apartheid wall? As in the fight against South African Apartheid, the conscience of humanity need to be continuosly reminded that Apartheid still exists.

The world is also made aware of the impact of such activities on a world heritage site.

Unfortunately, a great majority of muslim chooses to remain silent when the sacred city of Mecca has been continuously mutiliated. The Petrodollar, has managed to transform the Holy City to a modern metropolis. Or is it a theme park that is able to absorb three million visitors yearly during the Hajj season. The Petrodollar and the chase for dollars has managed to silent the voices of the Muslim world in exchange of comfort, convenience, trade and all the other good reasons.

An extract of an article Protecting Mecca World Sacred Site is appended here

There has been no official protection of historic sites because the ruling family and its religious court are dominated by Wahhabists – those who follow the strict teachings of Ibn Wahhab, one of the spiritual and political founders of the Kingdom of Saud. Contemporary interpretations of those teachings hold that sites other than the Ka’baa should not be held sacred because that would be tantamount to idolatry. A 1994 edict from the Kingdom’s religious council declared that the preservation of historic buildings would promote polytheism. However,Wahhabism is just one sect in the Islamic faith, so many other Muslims around the world feel that such sites should be preserved, not to idolize them but to protect a rich Islamic heritage.

One man who has become well-known in his fight to preserve historic religious sites around the city is Sami Angawi, an architecture expert who runs the Amar Center for Architectural Heritage in nearby Jeddah, and who is a descendant of the prophet Muhammed. He argues that developers are harming the sacred nature of the city in order to turn a profit, capitalizing on the enormous number of pilgrims who flood the city each year duringHajj. “Mecca is being treated like a bad copy of any city, when it is a sanctuary,” Angawi says. “The house of God is being commercialized and these developments are disrespectful and totally out of proportion.” Angawi estimates that 300-plus historic buildings have been demolished since the 1960s in Mecca and Medina. His only recourse to protect sites, such as the presumed home ofMuhammed, is to refuse to reveal their locations to the government, because he fears the sites would then be targeted for demolition.

It is a city built by Abraham. It is a city of Ishmael and Hagar. It is a city of Muhammad and his companions. It is a city that God proclaimed to be sacred. Archaeologically, it is a city that is supposed to show humanity the signs of God.

The point I am making here is that, Muslims have to equally make their voices heard to protect The Holy City of Mecca from pollution, overcrowding, due to unvisionary development. Mecca is THE SACRED CITY.

Otherwise, it will become one great Muslim hypocrisy.


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