Hinduism and the religion of Abraham

In May last year I posted an entry with the title ” Islam is simple- The relationship between christians, muslims and Jews”


This posting recieved a  query from a reader, presumably residing in India. The comment solicited a response from me on the relationship between Hinduism and Islam. As  I am a follower of the religion of Abraham my response has been titled Hinduism and the Religion of Abraham. Here is the query ‘adverbatim’ and my response;

This chapter 9 is interesting. I would like to know where the hindus came. What is the realation between hindu with Islam/Jew/Christain. Buddhist is derived from hindu.

Almost Islam/Jew/Christains are more or less related ,but I am not able to understand where and when and which country the Hindusim was born…..majorly Its in india . From their it is spread into Nepal,Thailand and other south asian countries. The derived version of hindu(buddisht) is spread into china.

Could you please clarify my query.

I just want to know more about Islam and at the same time I would likely to know What is the relation between ISLAM and Hindu.

Here is my response;

I am sorry I  have taken a long time to respond.

I was in india last month. in Hindustan, the nation of Hindus. India is the most populous democracy. the country is projecting itself as a secular country BUT you know, walking on the highstreets of Chennai, Bangalore or Mysore, it is HINDUSTAN.

In bangalore, nightlife officialy stop at midnight.  In chennai, the buses are segregated. You realise that it is a deeply religious country. All over the cities you see marriage halls with hive of activities. You realise how religions, play significant roles in the running of INDIA.

Your question is on on the relation of Islam and hinduism.  I believe that originally the two religions come from the same source i.e divine revelations. HINDUISM in its original form was no different from Islam, revealed before A braham. Islam , christianity and judaism are  post Abraham. I term them as religion of Abraham. Both ,  The Religion of Abraham and Hinduism, bring the message of the supreme being, righteousness, good over evil.

The difference is in the manifestation of the supreme being. In the religion of Abraham the unity of GOD is key BUT being the supreme being that HE is, he could be what HE wants to be, to put it very simply. The followers of HINDUISM choose to represent GOD in many forms or images which in the Religion of Abraham is strictly forbidden and unacceptable.

Then there are the many servants of GOD, angels, devils, prophets , sage, and ordinary mortals. Men not only create multiple images of god, other creations of god i.e angels , devils and prophets are also made to be god, even amongst followers of the religions of Abraham.

When the white man landed in some polynesian islands there were natives who thought the white man who just reached theshore was GOD.

THere are followers of Mohammed who revere Mohammed so much to the extent that he is made demi-god. thus you see followers blowing themselves up and doing ungodly things. these are Mohamedans not Muslims or followers of the religion of abraham. Jesus is made to be son of gOD whereas in the religion of Abraham GOD is ONE.

I believe SIDHARTA GAUTAMA recieved revelation from GOD. He was such an enlightened being that the messenger is now made sacred  by his followers.

ABRAHAM was chosen as a messenger because of of his determination to find the true god. Mind you he lived in a community similar to Hindustan and the Athenians were polytheist, believers of multiple gods.

So was Socrates, the prophet, but that is another story…………He was not made God but history  books tell us that SOCRATES was  a great philosopher.


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