Pertembungan Budaya Pertembungan Generasi atau Ketinggalan teknologi?

Di minggu-minggu kebelakangan ini timbul  beberapa isu atau insiden menarik, secara umum  dan secara peribadi,  yang bolih dikategorikan dibawah salah satu daripada tiga : Pertembungan budaya, pertembungan generasi atau ketinggalan teknologi.

> seorang pak menteri mengatakan bloggers menipu. Kemudian pak menteri membuat pembetulan, blogger sianu itu penipu. Masih berat pak!!

> Seorang wartawan kenalan, Rehman Rashid, membuat provokasi dengan mengatakan, blogging, tak ubah bagai melayari  usus dubur. Saya sutuju, memang ada bloggers yang menjana ‘shit’, meminjam istilah shahnon ahmad. Begitu jugak dengan kamu wartawan pensil,. Ramai yang menguna pensil untuk mencungkil dubur. Seharusnya pensil diguna mencungkil fikiran. Picking the brain.  Penghijrahan yang belum selesai?

> e-group saya mengalu-alukan ahli tertua, datuk J dari Class of 52.  Selamat melayari alam baru datuk!! Amat terharu saya melihat, sekumpulan anak muda disekitaran 30an memberi tunjuk ajar kepada seniors 60an dan 70an bagaimana menjadi it-savvy. Yang paling muda masih belasan tahun.

> Tok Yut dan cicitnya seolah berkonflik. Nasihat saya kepada sicicit, tok yut dididik dibawah budaya, yang beza etika, dan beza kesopanan menghadapi hidangan. Santapan dimula olih ketua rumah.  Si kecil patuh dan sopan di hadapan hidangan. Generasi sicicit  makan bersama, sekali gus, atau siapa sempat dia dulu. Waktu makan bermakna riuh rendah, interaksi keluarga. Saya mensyorkan kepada sicicit, katakan ‘ tok yut makan lah dulu’. waduh……………………………berkesan!! diharapkan berterusan.

Apa iktibar nya? pembelajaran dan pendidikan itu sepanjang hayat. Jika generasi baru masih mendapati santana, pink floyd, deep purple itu  ranggi, masih guna kereta mini,  masih naik pesawat jumbo, kenapa tidak si doktor tua, selain menguna jari untuk memeriksa prostrate, tidak guna imbasan elektronik untuk memeriksa usus dubur.

Oooh saya senang sekali dengan irwan shah, black eye peas, juga dangdut dan padi mencelahi brick in the wall. Britney? anunya meloyakan. Blogging? itu daddy cool, kata sianak kecil.

Pesan saya kepada sikecil, bila buka pintu mesti tutup, bila masuk bilik mesti ketuk, bila ketandas mesti pam, bila pinjam barang minta kebenaran dan pulangkan, bila berhutang, bayar, bila memberi hutang tuntut kembali.

Mari buat latihan akademik, mari kita cipta pengganti RODA!! jom skype!!


4 Responses to Pertembungan Budaya Pertembungan Generasi atau Ketinggalan teknologi?

  1. Azie says:

    During the recent school holiday, my house was bustled with visitors. They were Tok Mat, Nek Yah, Nek Ton and Tok Leh as called by my children. My late father’s buddies during his life-time. We are still as closed even after my father had passed away for nearly to 20 years now.
    These grannies and grandpas, of age mid seventies, spelled alot of intriguements and excitements to my two children. I think my children had the most enjoyable moments in their life during their 5-days visit. Before their arrival, my husband and I had been reminding them of the dos and don’ts, always visitors come first especially during meal times. We just wanted to make sure the children didn’t go overboard.
    I had not been seeing my late father’s buddies for a decade then, so I really didn’t know what to expect. My initial thought was that entertaining old-timers required the protocol but guess what…. I was wrong.
    I was impressed of how different their approach especially to the youngs. Suddenly, no barrier in generation gap..all torn apart by these atok-atok and nenek-nenek. They carried themselves to the level that my children could freely interact and speak their mind. They cooked and ate together, slept together and story-telling every night. They created a lot of jokes that my children would laugh their heart out.
    My children at times misbehaved, apparently too carried away I believed, but they were treated with love and hugs in return and not being snarled away. Every moment was filled with positive remarks and enlightenments. As young parents, I observed and learnt a lot from these atok2 and nenek2 ie. you will lose nothing to be humble to the youngs so as to earn their love and respect in return.
    My son Shafiq even gave his remark ” Umie..Shafiq tak pernahlah jumpa atok2, nenek2 macam ni. Selalu kalau atok2 ni ..garang.. semua nak kena behave..tapi yang ini lainlah. Kenapa ya?”
    I told him ” What makes a person different from others is what in his mind.”
    My children were appealing to them to come back again and they have promised to come in June. A moment to look forward to!
    The morale is..conflicting in culture or generation gap yah.. its happening and always happening only when ego precedes. The bottom line is whether one’s mind is willing to kill the existing ego. Then the youngs and olds can ever live together in peace and harmony, enjoying each other’s company under one roof. Why not?

  2. Azie says:

    Still on the subject of conflicting culture and generation…also during the same holiday…my three young cousins came over. Together with my two children, they were up to camping at their granny’s house compound. On the first day, I saw them struggling. Too many can’ts than cans all laid out by the granny. They were not allowed to stay in the campsite, not allowed to mess around, not allowed to this and that. Most of the time being yelled and screamed at. To them it was disastrous.
    The next day, I told them to shift over to my house compound instead. My house is just opposite the granny’s.
    The real camping began! My husband and I were determined to make sure these kids had the best time of their life after what we had learnt from our visitors before. We buried ourselves together with them, sleeping and cooking in the campsite. Night was fun snuggling together in the tent amidst the goose-pimpled owlings and eeriness.
    The children were allowed to behave as creatively as possible. Off course they argued and yelled a lot amongst themselves, each trying to show his or her true self. They organized their BBQ and prepared the food themselves with our supervision. We did so many things together. The idea was to have fun and bonding. They really enjoyed themselves.
    One of my young cousins, Safia was telling ” Selalu Safia macam malas nak ikut abah balik batu pahat sebab tengok TV tak boleh.”
    Aiman inetervened ” Memamg..Aiman takut nak buat apa-apa..sebab selalu kena marah. Semua tak boleh.”
    “Tapi sekarang boleh tak Safia,Aiman, Adam tidur rumah Kak Azie sebulan. Next time Safia nak datang sini aje. Boleh tak?” Safia pleaded.
    “Boleh” I smiled.
    My two children were by all means excited cause more companies to play with yet they are still aware of the respect they have to give to these young aunties and uncle of them. During their playing together, I always overheard Aiman telling Shahid, my son. ” Shahid, kita ni makcik awak tau..jadi awak kena dengar cakap kita. Kena respeact tau..”
    “ialah..kita tahu ” shahid nodded hendak-tak-hendak. Well..both of the same age.. 11 how would shahid accept to aiman’s instruction. Emm..he has to learn anyway…cause generation wise, Aiman is still his senior. Isn’t it cute?
    What I learnt here..the chilldren will go to who ever that show them the love and trust. It’s either you win them or lose them. This is the expectation from children of today’s generation. Amidst their playing with each other, they stiill learn the need to respect the elders, regardless of age.
    So..if you are the atok2 or nenek2..the parents…jom hop into their wagon and learn from the youngs…their sincerity and innocent mind. …how they speak from their true heart… how they learn from each other. It’s amazing and mind-opening!

  3. inspigoblog says:

    parenting is about equiping children survival skills. It is about taming the environment, creating a new environment or surviving in a preset or alien environment.

    Some elders are in the last category. Can you change how your grandmothers or even parents behave. Can you reduce the distance between two geographical points? NO. So humans change behaviors to thrive in the company of elders, swim in the company of sharks, live amongst cannibals, accepted amongs sufis or people of other religions and beliefs and cultures.

    One survival skill that need to be acquired in diverse cultural, religious, generation divide is LEARNING ETIQUETES or ADAB. Different culture and civilisations have different adabs. How to drink tea with a japanese, or english or chinese?
    So if you can teach them such etiquette then there is no problem teaching them etiqutte when dealing with elders. the same need as the need for different etiquete when you handle lions, tigers or dinousars.

    Your way is one of the skill they need to know but it is not enough to survive succesfully in this diverse world. Your tuk yut cannot be blamed because it is her environment, her culture, her etiquette. The same manner that you cannot blame the hindus to revere the cows, or the japanese to drink tea from tiny cups. To the contrary you respect their culture by adopting certain etiquette or ADAB.

  4. azie says:

    Agreeable. Etiquette begins at home through examples and observations set by the elders. Not only at dining tables set the rules for etiquette, the way one speaks, the language one uses and how one values others all signify one’s level of etiquette.
    Etiquette needs to be practiced to all beings with fairness and wisdom, with love and respect regardless of who you are, which clan you belong to, which family you come from, whose children you belong to and bla..bla…
    If one doesn’t observe etiquette as expected, then he ought to be guided or advised and not jerked at or brushed of indecenly.
    In this diverse world, etiquette denotes one’s civilization. Civilization in the context of valuing and respecting not only the elders but the youngs as well. Etiquette has got to be transcended to the youngs from the elder people around. It has to be as transparent as possible for the youngs to absorb and reciprocate as accordance. How can one respect one’s culture if he himself is not being respected and valued?

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