Malaysian Malaysia – The Case for SRJK (Melayu)and vernacular schools

Note: this posting  first appeared as a comment in Sekolah Kebangsaan were sekolah Melayu. I think it merits a dedicated forum.

Should vernacular schools be allowed to exist? It is a right enshrined in the constitution so  insist the proponents of vernacular schools.

Just thinking outside the box hoping I would provoke many educationists, chauvinists and non-chauvinist alike: we should have SRJK (melayu)

If Malays want to exercise their rights, should there be Malay schools for Malays and Malaysians  who want to retain  their rights and Malayness ?   The Malay educationist would be free to  promote the Malay agenda.

Strategically Sekolah kebangsaan now becomes the cradle of Malaysian Malaysia.

 I think we should encourage SRJK(melayu). That would  leave  sekolah kebangsaan to promote and to focus on the Malaysian Malaysia concept. Then we would be able to know, what Malaysian Malaysia concept is all about and allow the communities to walk the talk.

What are your thoughts?


One Response to Malaysian Malaysia – The Case for SRJK (Melayu)and vernacular schools

  1. mooke says:

    you are hitting a few targets by writing this piece. frankly speaking, i find it funny. we all claim we are malaysians but we have never come to a point to agree what makes a malaysian. is it

    + going to sekolah jenis kebangsaaan
    + and then later complain that our youths do not care about integrating with other races

    ah, the paradox of being a malaysian.

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