Ijok By-election – a test for NEP?

This by-election on April 28th provides good fodder for armchair analysts. At one corner representing the ruling party is an Indian, handpicked by the President of the Malaysian Indian congress, the Indian based  component party of the Barisan Nasional. The opponent is the treasurer of Keadilan,   more famous in the corporate world than politics, tan sri khalid, the advocate for the abolishment of the NEP.

The constituency consists of more than  50% Malays, and the rest Indians and Chinese. The composition makes this an interesting election to watch which will answer a few pertinent issues

> will the non Malays support the abolishment of the NEP or they just could not care less as long as DAP and MCA are represented

> Is the message of the abuse of the NEP well understood by the Malays for them to realise the folly of the NEP or they could not care less as long as it is UMNO in power.

There are off course many other factors , but the outcome  would provide  interesting indicators, if Malaysians are ready to be Malaysians . I am referring to the concept of Malaysian Malaysia . Will the by-election reaffirmed the inference or is it now elevated to  a theory,   that  a great majority of Malaysians are just chauvinists and racists. They are   trying  hard though to pass  off as liberals. 


2 Responses to Ijok By-election – a test for NEP?

  1. ASF says:

    DEB AKA “tongkat melayu” menang sekali lagi !!

    That shud had been on today’s frontpages … Why would then BN (in this case read UMNO) send nearly the whole of its cabinet to Batang Berjuntai (I still remember even during my pre-U days I still chuckled whenever this name being mentioned) ??

    Ijok, for whole & sundry, meant nothing in the greatest scheme of thing. Any oil or gas, any gold?? Golddigger probably yes …

    It was a wasted exercise of hard earned tax money of the neutrals. What does show is that the PM’s menantu is actually a “hantu” … and BN (again reads UMNO) is afraid of a leader from another era …

    Why the Ijokian (I didn’t make that up, it was in the dailies…) don’t do a “Terengganu” : vote PKR to the DUN seat this term, to be won by BN later … I’m sure there is a budget somewhere for a Lapangan Terbang Ijok or Stadium Baru Ijok in the next RMK …

  2. inspigoblog says:

    ijok is a third world. it needs the BN to get carpets and pa systems for the mosques, lightings for the temples,. the potholes need fillings,

    ijokians need patrons. what would they be without khir toyo, the first world lord from the third world sungai burung?

    nep? indian chinese and malays need the NEP, they are true blue malaysians.

    1st world mentality? leave it to KLites and PJites

    Ijokians are politically savvy!!!!

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