mat rempit – made in malaysia !!!!

I am not against matrempit. To the contrary, it is something we could celebrate.  I  would  go to the extent of proposing  to Malaysian, to be proud of the matrempit. For the first time in the history of Malaysian youths, Malay youth in particular,  we have a movement initiated, born, bred in Malaysia.

Almost all youth subculture  of the past have been imported. It has always been cultures made in the UK or Made in the USA. You name it and malaysian youth would adopt it as if  it is the cultures of their grandfathers. They do not even understand that skinheads are hitlerites. Skinheads on seeing brownies would chase them WOGS,  and lynch them like a pack of hungry wolves . But youths would just want to be different, punks, hippies, blackmetal, irrespective where it comes from. Catergorised under youth subcultures,  i would include the tabligh and the hare rama hare krishna.

So, for the first time,  we have the matrempits, made in Malaysia.

Imagine, the possibilities of that initiatives by that PUTRA headhuncho to channel the matrempits to positive cultures. I say it is damn smart of him. Matrempits, the mod specialists, matrempit kapcai upgrades, matrempits magazines,   matrempit internet business, matrempits  events, matrempits jackets, matrempits attires, matrempits as a positive brand.

Imgine being able to export matrempit culture.

Unfortunately, the swell against it is just too big for the putra king to handle. The parents, the racial tones, the police, the snatch thieves ……………… are all rallying against the initiatives.

Will it die off? no , i do not think so. They are just going to be sidelined, marginalised and get wilder and wilder. If only there is a positive channel for the matrempits to upgrade. Seeing  a 26 year olds still being a matrempit, that is a shame.  The guy should upgrade his kapcai to a jaguh. In the first place, the matrempits have to be trained to ride safely, to make sure he is not to “matikatak”.

Today i had a brush with one.  A pizza delivery boy , obviously a rempit, was riding aggressively, i nearly knocked him down. Instead of apologizing he had the cheek to ask in a ghetto style ‘whussup, whussup?!!!!

I gave him an oral lashing……….but that does not sway me from supporting the initiative to guide them.

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