Malaysia – are Malaysian ready for Malaysian Malaysia?

Are Malaysians ready for Malaysian Malaysia? 

In its 50th year of independence,  this question is not even openly debated in Malaysia. At 50 the concept is still not understood by Malaysians. At 50, I am afraid,  a no is still the answer to the question. Malaysians are not ready for Malaysian Malaysia.

Fundamentally, to some,  Malaysian Malaysia means upholding the original constitutions. To others it means revamping the constitution. The contentious issue of  the social contract  in the equation makes this option a challenging option.

You travel to the Malay heartland of Terengganu, Kelantan and to a certain extent Kedah and Perlis ,  and try to understand the way they think.  You will find  that, to them  their  Malay way is the Malaysian Malaysia way. There is no reason for them to adopt any other way. Their sekolah kebangsaan has always been run in that manner, they were in fact malay schools. In the morning the children study english and maths and sciences and in interludes and in the afternoon extra classes means studying fardu ain, the quran or malay culture.

The assertion of the ministry of education to nationalise the school draw resentment among the more conservative. The religious based politics and the religious schools mushroomed as a symptom to the nationalisation or Malaysianisation of the school.

Similarly amongst the chinese, allowing the conservative chinese educationist to take centre stage see the surge in enrolment  of Chinese schools.

Education is the cradle of the nation. Malaysian Malaysia can only be engineered, socially through education. Mahathirs frustration is obvious when he labelled the Chinese educationist as in the same category as communists. A bit too much, i opine. Chauvinist would be  a better word.

I am a strong advocate for Sekolah Kebangsaan.  Let there be SRJK(melayu) , srjk(Cina) and SRJK (Tamil) and let the sekolah kebangsaan be the cradle of malaysian Malaysia.  It would be a good indicator  to the readiness of Malaysian for Malaysian Malaysia.

The race based politics of the mainstream political party, is too well entrenched for it to be unentangled. They are  the government of the Barisan Nasional alright but most of the time, you see as if there are several shadow cabinets and several governments within a government.   The heads of the racial political parties are nothing more than the Kapitan china and the Kapitan keling and  the warlords of yores.

Will the warlords sacrifice their positions  for the sake of Malaysian Malaysia?  There are just too many who benefit from the present system from media moguls to ambitious editors who would ensure the perpetuations of their racism and chauvinism.

It is glaring in their writings and speeches. At one instant they are advocating malaysian malaysia and at other occasions their chauvinisms are glaring. It is therefore not surprising that to many malays , such overtures for Malaysian Malaysia, are purely political ploys to pursue narrow race based interests.

The Ijok by-election is a case in point. The opposition is the Keadilan. The candidate is one who openly declares that the New Economic policy is the stumbling block to a fair and just government. The opposition is saying that the Malays must not be fooled by the follies of the NEP.

You would think that these manifestos would be  most welcomed by advocates of Malaysian Malaysia. Even those publications who are inclined towards malaysian malaysia are condemning khalid ibrahim and his manifestos.

Will  Keadilan win? I doubt it.

Malaysians are therefore not ready for Malaysian Malaysia. The Malays are not ready, the Chinese are not ready and the Indians are not ready.  Correction. The populace may be ready but the warlords will never be ready. There are just too many  chauvinists and racists in our midst.


4 Responses to Malaysia – are Malaysian ready for Malaysian Malaysia?

  1. ..hindraf said..”I have not committed any offence or crime other than to champion the cause of the systematically marginalised, discriminated and alienated ethnic Indian community in Malaysia, who remained permanently colonised despite achieving independence 51 years ago.”..u said..Correction. The populace may be ready but the warlords will never be ready. There are just too many chauvinists and racists in our midst…(

  2. grkumar says:

    A broader view is required. Especially in times of social and political upheavel:

    GR Kumar

  3. inspigoblog says:

    GR Kumar
    u should write on the subject. There are too many perverts, chauvinists in our midst. and the warlords, not to mention the big tycoons with billions who thrive on the divide. They claim to represent their race at convenience.

  4. grkumar says:

    Write on what subject. I have written on many subjects and my team write and contribute on many more.

    It has nothing to do with the race to which my or any other name belongs. Race is relevant to an argument where the subject of ones race is first raised.

    Go to :

    read the essays on the various controversial and topical subjects there with an open mind then comment on it.

    Its not just you or GRK that needs an awakening but everyone. And I thank you for tempering your language in your response. It says a lot positive about you.

    Most Malaysians comment on other people’s blogs not with substance but with abuse.


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