Quick take on Ijok

As expected the BN won the by-election. There was  a swing of chinese votes to the opposition.  MCA analysts have been quick to offer convenient reasons

>  blame the poor service of the previous ADUN. Poor soul. He is unable to rebutt the allegation.  Who is the MP? Isnt he being indirectly blamed too? MB?

> Blame it on Hishamuddin’s kris. Shouldn’t the Malays be concerned that the MCA is trying to tell them that their  Kris which is a symbol of their malayness is to be always tucked away. The symbol of their common root,  courage, dignity, unity cannot even be used as symbols.

> Blame it on everyone else except themselves.

Political savviness is the ability of creating an issue out of nothing. It is like the salesman who is able to  sell a refrigerator to the eskimo. But would there be repeat orders?

It was a respectable show by IJOKIAns.  Many  underestimated their readiness to question the NEP and their readiness to listen to the concept of non racial non chauvinitic malaysian malaysia.

IJOK has shown us that there are just too many chauvinists and racists amongst the ruling elites. It is also comforting to see more and more Malaysians who are prepared to rise above the racial divide. These are the pasar malam traders, the warong and foodstall operators, the fish mongers, the  petty  traders, the fishermen. These are the true Malaysians.


One Response to Quick take on Ijok

  1. |e@se|@rt| says:

    Hishamuddin’s kris is an empty threat. If a racial war erupts, he will be the first to flee to the safety of Malay police officers with firearms. Unless they’ve invented a laser-guided kris, that is.

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