University College London (UCL) – The Godless University of London

I attended the prestiguos University College London. When it was founded  in 1828 it was known as  the University of London.   It was a university that was established to challenge Oxbridge. It was stripped of the royal charter   and became a University College because It was the first university to allow commoners, London cockneys, Jews , colored and blacks to have university education.  It was also a fiercely secular and independent university. It was for that reason ucl was also known as the Godless University of London. Tthe founding fathers put in the charter for the university to be free from the church or any religion for that matter.

Gandhi  did law at UCL and subsequently challenged the colonial masters in India. Goldsmid was a pioneering Jew, a cofounder of the university. It has always been said that ideas on the the new nation of  Israel was created in the university. 

A group of Japanese students, sent by the emperor, as part of the modernisation of Japan  were accepted in UCL. It was debated in parliament with oppositions for such an action. The students  graduated  and went back to pioneer modern Japan. Since then there has always been this special relationship between Japan and UCL. Hirohito Koizumi, the prime minister of Japan,  was the latest addition to that roll of honor.

London being the capital of the world, is a perfect place for the fierceless university.


3 Responses to University College London (UCL) – The Godless University of London

  1. Alamak inspirednya. My favourite hang out place near uni is that square yang ada patung Ghandi tuh (Russel Square methinks). It’s very peaceful with all the tupai running around.

    Maybe one day I’ll come back to change the face of Malaysian built environment, we can surely make do without insipidly designed ‘townships’ =D

  2. inspigoblog says:

    are you at bartlett? tun salleh abbas that defiant CJ , i understand, was also a bentham(ite).

  3. yep me at the bartlett. bentham gave me quite a scare when i first saw him sitting in that glass box =D

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