Satay goes well with red

isham rais (Hishamuddin Rais) wrote in his Tapai that satay goes well with red. There is a big challenge though, how do you smuggle your red to this warong, of majid satay fame. A good red with the best satay in town. Otherwise,  you have to make do with frozen satay as served in some 5 star outlets. The thickness of your wallet is not the determinant factor. Connoisseurs would know that fat wallet and  good food has no direct correlation. How do you escape the stares and cynical look of the  kosher diners who without batting an eyelid would   report to JAIS. I chicken out. I will just stick to the occasional indulgence in the MAS business class cabin. I am not a great fan of satay.

I called him up. Hey, try nasi lemak with red. Will have a date next week.


4 Responses to Satay goes well with red

  1. “Connoisseurs would know that fat wallet and good food has no direct correlation”.

    Agreed. But you need a fat wallet for a good red. Non-connoisseurs stick to pilsner. The odd glass of gin and tonic perhaps, to celebrate.

  2. inspigoblog says:

    heard of connoissuers of free food? you can do it with class.

  3. mooke says:

    pls take me along! thanks!

  4. dont forget about our date at spearmint rhino! owaite mate

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