the pleasure of driving

She has clocked more than 170000 km. Yet driving her is still sheer pleasure despite  the disruptions and the third world drivers crowding the fast lane. Wasn’t it Naipul who wrote about slowdrivers in the fast lane in Trinidad and Tobago?. the Last Passage to India?  Nothing compares to the intimidation by Indian truck drivers driving  towards the car I was in   on this  highway to Ahmedabad .  They were just not used to having their village divided and having to make u turns in another village. I was on a new ambassador, a boneshaker designed for Indian roads.

The airmatic coupled with the electronic stability device turn my  wheeler to a glider.

For such a resonably sized prime mover, the accelerations are still exhilarating. The wonders of German designs.

Her book value is approaching zero. Should I let her go?


One Response to the pleasure of driving

  1. catwomen says:

    yes… you should!!! get yourself a CHEYENE!!

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