Virtuous Machiavelli – the best brains must be encouraged to go into politics

In a democracy, numbers matter. You become a leader by being voted in irrespective of the majority you earn.  It is a popularity contest. You do not have to be brainy, neither do you need to be virtuous. It has been said that politics is the only proffession that is never taught in school. I disagree. Observation of successful democratic societies would reveal that a system of attracting, nurturing, training, testing and retention of talents would be in place  to ensure that only the best would be given the power to govern.

Singapore is a classic example where the best brains are encouraged and being handpicked to be in politics. They are then schooled in the university of life. THe selection of leaders become institutionalised. The prime minister becomes the highest paid wage earner on the land.

THe Malaysian scenario is the opposite. The laissez faire  approach  in the leadership selection process, allowing nature to take its own course result in hypocrites, murderers, killers, thugs, warlords, robbers and  mediocres  to be given the mandate to govern our life. The best you hear is the prayer you hear for God to bestow the country with good leaders. God will never  be kind to fools.

Great societies develop institutions to develop leaders. The Spartan became a powerhouse because of the succesful training program in developing military schools. WE have such institutions where the best brains are nurtured to be the best and to be conscious of their responsibilities to the nation. Virtuos leaders as Machiavelli put it. Machiavellian  is never bad.

Unfortunately society allows that one guy to make BAD of Machiavelli , with the belief that the end justifies the means. If  institutions that we should be holding dear need to be destroyed, destroyed it will  .

I call him the destroyer of institutions. In  23 years he destroyed the judiciary, he mutiliated the constitution, he made malaysian airlines at the brink of bankruptcy, he created a new elites consisting of thugs and robbers, he destroyed the health and education systems, he allowed robbers to ransack the treasury……………….endless

How do you prevent a repeat. The best brains must be encouraged to go into politics, the populace must be politically conscious, the true elites must reclaim the leadership. Great institutions need to be developed and protected.


One Response to Virtuous Machiavelli – the best brains must be encouraged to go into politics

  1. noname says:

    The way I see it, in Malaysia it still depends on “who you know” to go into politics. The best brains are usually too clean and too decent to jump into the mudpool, unless they have their own personal interest in mind.

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