Quality of Life – arresting the rot

Has quality of life improved over the years? Personally, mine has. But what about the general population? Take the case of the civil servants. In absolute terms their life may have improved but in relative terms they have not. The divide is widening and the disparity is more glaring.

 The civil service to some is a birthright. With the poor salary, poor reputation, poor productivity, the inefficient use of human talent, it is a place for sacrifice. Serving the government as a clerk, or a junior administrator, a typist, or even as an officer, with the career and educational development provided and remuneration provided, the end result is not that attractive.

You may take pride in the physical development occuring around you. The question is whether you could afford to enjoy the good life as seen around the more affluent neighbourhood, around the KLCC, the chic outlets and the megastores. What are  the psychological impact of being mere spectators in the exciting development? Not very comforting.

The open arm, opendoor policies on immigrant labourers  are not helping the improvement in our quality of life.  In my opinion, the manner it is being implemented, IT is  but one strategy to supress the income of the working group.   It is but a subsidy to the low-tech investors, while our youths are being left idle and blamed for being rempits, for refusing to do things which is to be done in india or CAmbodia or Laos.

I do not take pride that KL rank to be  amongst the  cheapest cities in ASIA. Not at the expense of the poor wages of the waitresses, the hotel staff, the policemen, the civil servants, the despatch.

I therefore support the control of immigrants, the implementation of the minimum wage and the recent increase in salaries of the civil servants.


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