Kuala Selangor Fishermen – complaining? huh!!!

On the front page of the STAR today, there is a picture of Koh Har Tiong, a Kuala Selangor fisherman,  holding a tiny “ikan parang”. The fishermen have been complaining of depleting catch, and he is blaming pollution and the shrinking mangrove.

It is  fashionable for the reporters and the green fisherman to talk about pollution, on ocasssion of World Envoironmental Day on June 5th. Righfully so, but is that the only reason for the depleting catch?

The very fishermen who complained were part of the cause of the depleting bounty. Talk to the traditional fishermen, those with sampan and pukat hanyut, they will tell you that they are no longer qualified to be fishermen, the are hobyyists. They have stopped becoming fishermen.

The reason? Their fishing grounds have been ransacked, mutiliated, robbed, destroyed by the very  fishermen who now talk about environmental pollution. They were , the operators of pukat harimau, pukat jerut, pukat jerung, encroaching into the traditional fishing grounds. Wongsoga would testify that they still are.

On page 6 of the same publication, the parang got back to its normal size. What can you say?  feel like throwing up?


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