To all Mall rats and Clubbers – BEWARE OF AIRBORNE DESEASES

Have you ever felt sick after a night of clubbing or even a weekend stroll in the Malls?

I have been grounded for the past two days for a flu like symptoms that saw temperatures rising to 39 celsius, body aching and  nasal cavities burning with flowing  phlegm, lava like. It was no ordinary strain of influenza. Is this the flu mentioned by Pastuer lab in its SMS encouraging people to take flu immunization jabs? 

This was the second occassions in a month  I am being  grounded after nights of clubbing. This could be a gentle reminder for me to be more conscious of the air quality in places that I go. Then you may ask, which club has a good air quality index, one that has good ventillation with sufficient air changes per hour?  None except where smoking is prohibited or one that  has an open air section. Does it mean that I have to stop  visiting the watering holes where good music is served, making and  meeting friends is the standing order.

Today we hear the news of the demise of Loga of Alleycats who succumbed to lung cancer. Could it be due to his continuous exposure to a cocktail of smokes almost everynight of his singing career?

For the nonclubbers you are also at risk if you are a mall rat. Have you heard of legionnnaires deseases, one that is spread from poor airconditioning? A staff was diagnossed having mumps a  desease I thought were the norm in the 60s . That is the price we pay for subsidising the imports of immigrant labour.  Can you imagine the kind of people that share the air that you breathe in that favourite mall of yours?


7 Responses to To all Mall rats and Clubbers – BEWARE OF AIRBORNE DESEASES

  1. mooke says:

    oh poor mr. clubber. get well soon!!!! :)

  2. inspigoblog says:

    did my blood test today. the emergency @ pantai is the best in the world. super efficient. dengue has been ruled so it is that hardy flu strain. should be fit as a fiddle soon.

  3. It saddens me to hear of your less-than-perfect condition. Now be a good boy and drink your fluids. :)

  4. inspigoblog says:

    clubbing used to mean going to nightclubs. now going to pubs a cafe or cigar divan or or billiard halls or Karaoke joint are also called clubbing. People go to clubs for different reasons. chilling? to be seen? lonely hearts? DOM? SYM looking for distinguished men? to spread the words of GOD? chicken farming?music lovers?
    I go to clubs mainly to make business deals. last week I took my chebong clubbing to celebrate her being 18. cool dad.
    my 2o year old has been trying to claim a treat at squirming rhino, a lap dance club at tottenham court road. He has to pass his final first.
    So mooke, i am no ordinary clubber, i just need to be more careful.
    to easeart thanks, am getting better.

  5. pezze says:

    hehehe, maybe a dust/face mask is required for the next outing…or stick with dude as you can sit outdoors.

  6. mooke says:

    perasan! menyampah i!

  7. mooke says:

    my friends read this and they worry they might bump into u prancing in a nightclub. ha ha!

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