World Refugee Day

The 20th of June was World Refugee Day.

I watched a special CNN coverage on the ocassion of of World refugee day. It was hosted by Christian amanpour, assisted by the many anchors from the various  centres of conflicts and refugee camps.

Darfur and the areas bordering Chad and Sudan.

Iraq, where there are many internally displaced persons.


Gaza, where the fatah loyalists are trying to get to the West Bank.

Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Sweden, where Iraqi refugees are finding safe heavens.

What can you infer from the above information?

a. In all the places The USA, Britain have significant roles

b. The Israeli- Palestinian conflict will perpetuate

c.  The above places, have overshadowed refugeees in other parts of Africa and Asia

d. The top five refugee clusters are “muslims”.

Clashes of civilisations taking place? Will the imbalance be corrected after the 3rd world war?


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