Iraq War – Turning the eagle to a vulture

The bald eagle is the sacred symbol of the United states of America. The eagle is an apt symbol for hope, liberty, freedom. Over 200 years ago the republic was founded on the foundation of freedom, liberty, enterprise.   It was a colony of a super power – England. A bloody war was fought, the war of independence. America triumphed  there was a civil war but the land of hope was born.

What happened in the continent of America over 200 years ago is being repeated in IRAQ  now. Two hundred years ago, the e Americans were chasing the occupier out and now the Iraqis are chasing the propagator of liberty out of their country.

The founding fathers of the USA would be restless in their graves. The basic foundation and idealism of America is being fed to the dogs. The neocons are now the exact replicas of the imperial power that was occupying the USA 200 years ago. Thomas Paine in his book ” common sense ” , eloquently presented the case for total dissociation with England. The idea of reconciliation would not be able to make the USA , the superpower that we  use to know. Europe was the ally and future of the USA, he argued.

Does it mean that we are seeing the beginning of the end? I first thought about this when clinton was not impeached, after the Lewinsky scandal. The basic fibre of america is  being compromised. With Iraq and and afghanistan the eagle is turning into a vulture.

Thomas Paine Common Sense is a highly recommende read.

All Iraqis must read Thomas Paine, so is every freedom fighter.

My hope is for America to return to being a beacon for freedom and hope.


2 Responses to Iraq War – Turning the eagle to a vulture

  1. pezze says:

    History has shown time and time again when something became to big, or too tall, it is bound to collapse or tumble. There are times when this is countered by a strong foundation.

    In America’s case, it can be said that the foundation is crumbling. Thus, it can’t support a huge monster.

    The tell-tales are all there for everyone to see. Watch Oprah or even Jerry Springers to get a feel of the life of Americans. When you see that in such a developed world that 30% of its population is barely exisitng above poverty line, you know there is trouble.

    Yet, the top leadership is under some kind of delusion.

  2. inspigoblog says:

    Coincidentally, this entry was posted on the 4th of July. The US is still the best hope for freedom, liberty, the constitution I mean and the structure of the republic. The same cannot be said about those who inherit it.

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