Drinking, boozing, binging

We drink, we booze, we binge and we refuse to accept the fact that by whatever term we use drinking is bad. We are in denial. There was a BBC program I watched quite some time ago. In the Big cities in the UK The emergency wards and the police are at their busiest come Friday and saturday night. People getting hurt, life being lost, much more then the negative impacts of drug abuses. Yet we are in denial.

It is big business. The brewery, the advertising, the footbal clubs, the logistics, the pubs, the bars keep the economy going.

When Howard did a ban of drinking amongst the aborigines in the Northern Territory the oppositions were rather muted. He put across an argument which is quite difficult to counter, that the aboriginal society and tribes of NT are victims of alcoholism.

Yet in France, where wine could be cheaper than coke, alcoholism is not as big as in the UK or Russia.  Cultured drinking versus drinking to get pissed.  Drinking to accompany food versus drinking to get out of this world. Get into a bar in France, the focus is F&B. You can get coffee, espresso, food, breakfast, ommellete, croisant, wiune and champagne and beer. Get into a pub in the UK the focus is on drinking, alcoholism.

In a multicultural multireligious society, arguing on the basis of religion is usually futile. No religion says that alcoholism is good.

There  are people who argue that drinking and alcoholism are two different animals. Isnt it like saying that drug taking is OK but drug addiction is not? taking hashis is OK but heroin is a no no ?

In The book of Wisdom, there is a verse saying that the disbenefits outweigh the benefits. Go, think!! wisely.


4 Responses to Drinking, boozing, binging

  1. ReForming says:

    And what’s your take on government induced stereotyping. When certain factions are forced to adhere to certain social requiems and thus is born the cultural distinction that then becomes a culturally accepted norm. Like you say Australia…oborigines..but would you also say that it is a fact that the government of that sovereign state also created this effect on the aborigines in order to curb an escalation or rather avert a power struggle?
    the distinction between asian and western countries are very different and thus should be acknowledged differently. we weren’t born into today. today was the process of 50 years. a process akin with occupation. but i do agree with you …a binge is still a binge and an alcoholic is still an alcoholic..but not always these are factors of choice. and in some countries its easier to drink and forget that there’s a million ways you’re being oppressed rather than fight for it and end up in jail for an indefinite amount of time. i have seen much and heard more…but justice is something only the privileged can seek. why does the rubber tapper drink battery water?

  2. pezze says:

    key word in almost anything: moderation.

  3. mooke says:

    pezze >> always trust the guy you are drinking with.

    reforming >> in LA, if you drink – you are an alcoholic. in the UK, you are just being social.

  4. inspigoblog says:

    what do u expect howard to do? a leader is endowed with power, he has to use that power to protect his people. unfortunately it is seen as profiling or stereotyping. Moral policing and affirmirtive control are two different things.

    in germany if u r driving do not touch alcohol, not even a sip. They drive at more than 200kph on the autobahn and a slight lapse is fatal and the police is ever ready with the boozelyser. The penalty is severe. it is one country with the lowest accident rate per capita even with that kind of speed. that is effective deterrent rather then visiting bars with your skull caps on and doing your moral policing.
    wine is 14% proof, beer is less than 5%, lebanese arak is 90%, whisky >50%?

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