Another NURI Perished

I  shed a few tears today. Another NURI was lost. Together it took the lives of 6 soldiers.

Seeing the families accepting the accidents as the will of God was heartbreaking. These were innoccent victims. Fathers losing sons, wives losing husbands, husband losing wife, children losing fathers.

As one who earns a living doing business in defence, I have this sense of attachment to the users of equipment and systems. The boys in blue need the best.

It saddens me that Airsafety is still a problem we have not fully arrested. Accidents are not will of God. Accidents are human failures. Risks would always be around, our job is to minimise and manage the risks. How are we in Airsafety statistics? If  a high standard of safety could be achieved in civil aviation, why can”t the military.

> Why did it take 5 days to locate?

> What happened to the locator beacons?

> This is not even COMBAT SAR, this is not even enemy territory?

> How effective is our SAR capability?

> Who was manning the radar?

> bad weather? i dont believe it!!

My condolances and sympathies to the families and to my friends in the AirForce.


2 Responses to Another NURI Perished

  1. mooke says:

    according to my source ( a reliable one) – nuris are fitted with manually activated beacon. bodoh tak?

  2. inspigoblog says:

    there are 1001 reasons that can be created to justify the sale and purchase of equipment. in defence effectiveness can only be proven at a cost, when disaster strikes. When you sell you must have the users at heart, offer the best. It may sound stupid now, but at the time of purchase it must have been considered brilliant, tactically correct or reasonable or the word prudence may have been bandied around.
    the nuris are old. if your maintenance culture is not par excellence then you are continuously courting danger. Technologically it is still possible to operate nuris safely, but culturally it may not be possible.

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