Of Opinionated women, politics and other serious stuff

At long last I managed to get him, and he managed to get me, that connoiseur of free food, the bohemian, that lover of rock and dangdut, that storyteller, tukangcerit,  that melayu lama.

The merlot, 2002 from St Andrew was excellent. It was pretty late, the nasi lemak was all finished. We ended up having fried rice bau-bau style. I thought it was innovative, that unique taste of lemon grass.Central Market could be awesome, but it is degenerating into a  touristy,  cheap skate souvinir place. At 11 pm it was all quiet.

We were engaged in light intellectual banters. We talked about women, politics ………local stuff, but it is the  one about women i am jotting today

We agreed. A great majority of Men, the average mat, are afraid of opinionated women. Many think of themselves as sophisticated, liberated but when it comes to women, the mat would rather be in the company of subservient solehah. They are actually average. Well,  I would say that these mats are late developers. give them time they will be alright and would be able to manage their insecurities. So girls, manage your opinions wisely and you just need to manage the maturity gaps.

I enjoyed the evening.  Will stock up and will  meet again. 


15 Responses to Of Opinionated women, politics and other serious stuff

  1. Zaim Al-Amin says:

    I for one will not settle for one of those `subservient solehah’. My wife is a modern Malay Muslim lady, who thinks nothing about going to Bau Bau Cafe or that occasional head banging at Hard Rock Cafe; whilst equally at home in any Majlis Tahlil. Hoping that my daughters will also grow up like that; keeping pace with the rest of the world whilst simultaneously at peace with their Malay Muslim roots.

    As for the Central Market, it should at least try to be at par with its English cousin, the Covent Garden.

  2. mooke says:

    apakah makna subservient solehah itu? dalam hidup masakini, memakai tudung bukan bermakna subservient solehah. saya mempunya ramai kawan-kawan yang memakai tudung yang masih lagi ‘modern Malay Muslim’. ramai yang berpura-pura di belakang hijab sebagai subservient solehah, atau lebih malang lagi dicap sebagai subservient solehah hanya kerana memakai tudung! tiada salah menjadi subservient solehah (at least she is spiritually enlightened!)

  3. inspigoblog says:

    nobody, not me nor zaim ever mention about hijab or tudung. Any one out there could define “subservient solehah” in the context of the mats?

    mawi? saleha, mnassir solehah

    subservient? subservient solehah?

  4. mooke says:

    mawi tak suka subservient solehah macam ina. dia pilih ikin. ha ha

  5. ayyub says:

    subservient is a redundant word to be added with solehah.

  6. pezze says:

    mawi nyanyi saliha…..hahahahaha.

    “subservient solehah” is not in my books as well. i prefer someone to be on par with me. easy to “bawak ke tepi or ke tengah”. in other words, flexible, relaxed easy going with a mind of her own.

  7. mooke says:

    agree with ayyub. kalau solehah tak semestinya subservient.

  8. inspigoblog says:

    i would like to hear more responses from solehahs and opinionated women. Why the deafening silence?

  9. pezze says:

    solehah women, don’t give in to male chauvinists. i support you.

  10. lin says:

    hijab dan subservient solehah aku rasa synonim. tp pakai tudung tak semestinya tak boleh pergi “Bau Bau Cafe or that occasional head banging at Hard Rock Cafe”..
    at the same time yg free hair juga tak semestinya tidak boleh equally comfortable di Majlis Tahlil.
    tapi masalahnya the common misconception is kalau memakai tudung itu semestinya kolot..tidak boleh bercakap bahasa inggeris. dan tidak open minded. dan aku rasa itu sungguh tidak fair. sering saja aku terpaksa prove it otherwise.

  11. Azie says:

    Saya check oxford dictionary mengatakan subservient maknanya subordinate of less importance, maka itu saya merasakan terlalu jumud statement subservient solehah. Seolah-olah kalau wanita itu beraspirasi solehah maka disebalik hidupnya itu perlulah senantiasa tunduk dalam semua hal. Jika ditempat kerja biar kaum lelaki yang kedepan, jika berumahtangga biar suami mengemudi.
    Saya aspire to be wanita solehah. Solehah dalam erti kata saya yang tahu dan hidup mengikut lunas-lunas Islam yang Syumul. Saya masih belajar dan mahu terus belajar kearah itu. Belajar bahawa solehah bukan bermakna bertudung-lingkup atau yang itu haram, yang ini haram. Tetapi yang menyentuh soal mendidik hati dan jiwa supaya menjadi bersih dan lagi bersih. Belajar dan berani bertindak dan bersuara mengikut naluri dan minda yang bersih ini. Belajar percaya kepada yang bersih akan membawa akhirnya kepada jiwa dan hidup yang kekal tenang dan ilmu -ilmu yang membawa kebaikan.
    Pakcik saya senantiasa menasihati saya ” learn to cleanse your heart and good things will prevail.”
    Dan saya juga aspire to be wanita yang kedepan, the changing agent (as always advised by the same uncle ) that can bring good to others in return. Tidak perlu sophistikated tetapi simple for others to blend in. To be the changing agent no doubt speaks about gut and courage. That is cutting-edge!
    So..perjuangan saya ialah ” the cutting-edged liberated opiniated woman plus my definition of solehah.”

  12. inspigoblog says:

    Namewee is a malaysian.
    Namewee is a chauvinistic malaysian.
    Aminah is a solehah.
    Aminah is not a subservient solehah.

    It is simple english yet in our emotional excitement we bundle up subservient as the dominant word. It is a simple LINGUISTIC SYNTAX, that solehah and malaysians are the dominant terms. It means that not all malaysians are chauvinistics and not all solehahs are subservient.

    in my posting i am only referring to the preference by some male chauvinists for subservient solehahs, so ladies watch out for these creatures!!! There are many malay mats who are not chauvinistics and do encourage women to be solehah without being subservient.

    To the males learn to differentiate between solehah and subservient solehah. Our spouses are not our other half or quarter ,they are WHOLESOME!! You have been asked to make this pledge, Respect your women like you respect the womb of your mother, have you heard of this?

    Solehah has nothing to do with tudung, head banging, tunduk, jalan belakang, it is about doing good doing things right. (refer rukun taqwa).

    In our discourse over the merlot we were concerned that there are many good solehahs that could hold their own being neglected because many males could not distinguish between solehah and subservient solehah.

  13. inspigoblog says:

    go on, continue this healthy debate.

  14. Inah says:

    Why must we debate so much about women wearing hijab or wanita Solehah…!?
    It is already written in the Al-Qur’an that every Muslim women should protect their modesty and it is a must for them to cover their aurat expecially their hair, no question about that.
    And to be a Solehah’s women they have to obey their husband no matter what, for the male or mat or husband over there should not take this as an advantage for not respecting them or treat them as other half of your soul.

  15. inspigoblog says:

    Let us not be drawn into this debate on the forms of modesty. It is widely accepted that forms of Modesty is different to different people.

    We must welcome more definitions or your understanding of what it means to be solehah and what is subservient solehah in this discourse.

    What about suami yang sOLEH? What kind of creature this is? What does it mean to you women??

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