CEO goblog – What can you have with 1 Pound 70 pence? A lot with cost innovation

In ringgit it is RM11.90 .

We were in the Republic of PJ. The birthday  girl I was entertaining,  had a glass of herbal jelly, two slices of toast with butter and kaya. I had a cup of coffee, two 3-minute eggs, a banana leafed wrapped steamed otak-otak. Excellent stuff!!

It was not a self service cafe. Food was served. I find it amazing, the quality of food, the hygeine, the setting are “world” compliance . Across at starbuck, the equivalent would probably cost me RM 50 . In Paris I spent Euro 50 for breakfast of coffee and ommellette for two.

As I am now reading “Cost Innovation, The Chinese Dragon”  a book written by a couple of Harvard Professors,  the ability to provide quality products at such lower cost are intriguing.

For those who believe that moving upscale will shelter you from cost inovative enterprises, beware of Cost innovative dragons. They have the ability to challenge you in your comfortable niches. 

PJ !! you are not doing that badly. Acceptable standards at affordable prices.


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