Honoring Promises and Pledges

My 6 year old is a fast learner. He is now graduating to the”responsibility” phase . He is now one who would honor promises and pledges. For the past month I have been stressing the honor to honor promises and pledges . The good news is that  he is expecting to be reciprocated. The good news is that he is now punctual in waking up and going to school.


With responsibility I have been teaching him to clean up his own mess, to close doors, take care of his toys, to go to school.

RESPECT, descipline, Prudence, RIGHTS, ……………. so many things to be taught.

It is interesting to notice him use the word NEED rather than WANT when asking for something.


One Response to Honoring Promises and Pledges

  1. mooke says:

    adam adam along rindu dekat adam..

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