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I took the oportunity of the MERDEKA celebration to officially announce the new CEO. MERDEKA!! I am into semi retirement.

 SEMI RETIREMENT? no, it is the use of a terminology  that they are familiar and understand. I am moving on. I am already enjoying doing things i like to do. Not totally though but ALMOST. Doing a Hefner would be nice BUT having seen MEDAI the rabbit, it is no thank you. (note: Medai, is a sex maniac and a child rapist!! He should be castrated and put behind bars)

I enjoy developing talents. I enjoy doing it so I will continue doing it less the emotional baggage and knowing fully well there would be failures.

In its recent news bulletin, YTL announced that it  is already on a fourth generation leadership development program. That is amazing. 

I would have to do the same. With the first level succesion in place, it is  the drawing board again. I would start contributing to the development  of the next  generation leaders.


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  1. Someone says:

    Correction! Medai is not a child rapist. He does not rape any child. Child= Human. So Medai doesnt rape human. He is also not a rapist ok! He doesn’t know what he is doing, that is why they are called animals! Hello! Can someone think here??!! And there is no such thing as animal jail. So even he does such thing he would not be in there. Besides, there is not stated in law that animals who cannot think have sex with its daughter should be punished so you lose! I win! Muahahahaha…

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