Led Zeppelin – Heaven is in London this november

From Yahoo Bulletin:

 Rock and Roll  days are here again, because the three surviving members of Led Zeppelin are finally getting back together! Yep, hard rock fans will no longer  be  dazed and confused.

Frontman Robert Plant is in talks this week with fellow Led Zep legends Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones about a one-off Zeppelin gig that’ll hopefully take place in London this November. Presumably late drummer John Bonham‘s son, Jason Bonham will be hitting the skins again.

I want to be there……………………….

Breaking NEWS: It is going to be on the 26th of November . Register on line http://www.ahmettribute.com/


3 Responses to Led Zeppelin – Heaven is in London this november

  1. pezze says:

    nak ikut…..hahahahahahah! damn!! must be great!

  2. inspigoblog says:

    To all Led zep fans,
    Led ZEP will be having a one day reunion in london on 26th of november.
    Register on line for ticket ballotting. http://www.ahmettribute.com/

    My first Stairway to Heaven was a dance drama MCSU Concert 73, Bargreaves Ball.
    Since then it has been led zep all the way.
    The last concert was in london 78/79 The Song remains the Same.There was a movie of the same name. Anyone can get hold of that reel?

  3. mooke says:


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