medai the sex maniac

His testicles are bigger than his brain. His daily routine is to eat, drink,have sex, eat, have sex, eat,have sex…………and some sleep in between.

He is smart, just that his brains are being used mainly for that one pursuit. I remember a cartoon in a Man magazine, showing the brain of a man  occupying his dick head. That is the best illustration of a man who thinks of nothing but sex.

Medai is worse than this. He gets extremely emotional when the partner rejects his overtures. He torments and never gave up on his advances. Such antics and never give up attitude are inspiring, only if it is applied to some other positive pursuit and not just sex.

Lately he has been trying his luck on some baby bunnies. It is disgusting because these are babies and do not even qualify to be bunnies.

I have been petitioning for Medai to be castrated and be put behind bars. At the very least the babies are to be sold. There were violent protestors. They have yet to appreciate genetic engineering and the effects of inbreeding.

No wonder, the play girls are called bunnies. That hefner character is no different from that Medai.


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