Syed Hamid Albar on BBC’s HARDTALK

For those who dislike Malaysian politics this is worth a visit

Syed Hamid, the Minister for Foreign Affairs was a cool  cat answering onslaughts on the following issues: Affirmative actions, Polarisation, Percieved Racism,  Islamic State, Lina joy, Syariah, University selection, FDI and many contentious issues.

This son of Jaafar Albar that LION of UMNO came out of it unscatched and was in fact holding court.  Sarah montague was visibly agitated.  He is no more a cub, to be mauled by the ringmistress. Or was he the ring master?

7 Responses to Syed Hamid Albar on BBC’s HARDTALK

  1. Scorpion says:

    “This son of Jaafar Albar that LION of UMNO came out of it unscatched ”
    This son of bitch from barbaric UMNO did came out unscathed because he didn’t answer, he was lying though his filthy mouth! No wonder >” Sarah montague was visibly agitated. He is no more a cub but a coward.

  2. catwoman says:

    in a circus there are lions, ringmasters and off course clowns.

  3. inspigoblog says:

    HARDTALK is a debate. It is not a discourse. There is ONE winner and one loser. The winner was Syed Hamid, of UMNO, of BN, of the Government of Malaysia. He was smart. He used the right strategy. His strategy was to use a different Measure, a different perspective, a different way of doing things which he called the BN way which the majority adopts it as the MALAYSIAN way.

    On a different perspective, It was MICRO vs MACRO. MACRO won.

    Even if you wish to look at the micro, you have to bear in mind STATISTIC LIES. It depends how you use them. There were a few statements he made which are debateble

    * the average household income of Indians are higher than that of Malays
    Throw in ananda, samy vellu and fernandez he could be right.

    * THere are more non Malays in Universities than Malays. Lump in all private institutions he could be right.

    He was smart enough to admit shortcomings of systems, process, procedures. He was realistic enough to capitalise on the initiatives to eradicate polarisation.

    There will always be frustrated people around irrespective of whether he is Kadazan, malay,chinese or indians, These are those who could not go to universities, get scholarships, get contracts, become syed mokhtar, Vincent tan, Tony fernandez, ananda, Ting, Ling,

    But please, do not become chauvinist and racist because of your frustrations. poverty is color blind. so is wealth.

    It is rare to see BBC at the loser’s corner.

  4. sigh..... says:

    He just made bunch of lies… he didn’t win….

  5. crankshafted says:

    Sorry mate. He certainly didn’t win. Neither the debate nor the popularity contest. I’ve never had this many enraged smses urging me to watch him make a fool of himself.

  6. XentriA says:

    totally agree tht syed hamid made a full oh himself more than making sense…

  7. XentriA says:

    *corrections “FOOL” not “full”

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