I am a lotus

Note: In the mind of the chinese, your roots, the schools or universities you go to or the community you come from are not important. This was shared to me by a colleague. Be a lotus he said, the flowerts are beutiful, the seeds delicious, the leaves serene. Nobody knows the slimy, dirty mud that the roots settle in. I think this is more of a Buddhist belief rather than Chinese. The tolerance of Buddha and buddhist come to mind.  I pen this down on a lazy Sunday, while taking it easy.

I am  a lotus
Does it matter where your roots were
mine is slimy, muddy,
yet I bloom, I float, I bear seeds
with my roots steel deep in the sewer

I am a lotus
I draw my living from the slimy  and  the muddy
yet I am reverred
i am the yoga of the yogi

I am a lotus
I breathe the same air
I am soaked in the same sunlight
I wish i could be a cengal, a willow or the mighty oak
with my roots deep to the  zamzam
my shoots reaching the sky
where eagles perch and seeds fly

can I?


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