The Emerging Culture of Violence (PDRM or is it PRDM?)

It was nauseatic reading the high profiling of an ex topcop, famous for THE  Anwar Ibrahim  black eye. The STAR in its “spin” for Malaysian Malaysia, lost its sensibility by choosing that exemplary Bully as a true Malaysian  with a Malaysian heart. Unfortunate. The STAR is just doing a disservice to its Malaysian Malaysia agenda.

Perhaps that choice reflects the society we are in. It begs a tremendous amount of soul searching if THe leading newspaper in terms of its circulation,  the STAR, just do not have the conscience nor the right value with respect to how it sees bullying  and violence.

 Is it fair to blame the parents of NURIN JAZLEEN JAZIMIN for the violence they did not commit? Their fault was to assume the neighborhood is safe. Unfortunately  that statement  to question the parents, was made by no other than the CURRENT TOP COP. I find that worrying for an organization who is trying hard to shed of its violent past and whose presence is to deter crime and violence still could not articulate a decent answer to a simple question, What do we do next to adress the increasing number of violence?

When an affair turn sour,  Malaysian are fed with a daily dose of  lessons of  the Do’s and don’ts to demolish the  ex-lover, the recalcitrant debtors.  Blow her up to pieces or cut him up to pieces and put him in the freezer. If you are  connected to the powers that be, you can get the service of the SPECIAL Force and use C4 explosives for free. All being paid for by the taxpayers. 

If you are a cop is it  not more lucrative to be the  the bully, or the hired killer to some powerful persons than be on your beat to prevent violence on the high street. A significant number may still be doing the beat but one killer  or violent  cop is one too many.

It is therfore hilarious but scarry when someone quipped that PDRM has evolved from being POLIS Di RAJA MALAYSIA, to  POLIS Di Raja Mahathir to POLIS RAJA DI MALAYSIA.

Such cynical comments  are  not without reasons.  How would you explain the bashing of the Indonesian Karate Coach which resulted in a diplomatic spat? How would you explain the increasing statistics in street Violence?

When you see motorists beating the traffic lights, when you see porn pedlars on the streets, when you hear more  muggings, you know the cops are busy  doing  something else.


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