Ceo goblog – Surgical Marketing, mixing business and pleasure

WE call it surgical marketing. He spent a total of 10 days of marketing and i must have spent 30 days of work to secure this job. We  spent  a total of 40 man days for a double digit sterling pound contract.

It has been business and pleasure. It all started in langkawi and the formalisation is likely to be in langkawi.

Today   we put the commas and  crossed the t’s. Major Paine was a pain.  Tojo was a sadist. I had to pull my partner aside to calm him down. Had i not done that Major paine would have a broken nose for being unreasonable. The contract would be in tatters

Calm down….. Had it been someone else, had he uttered the magic word,  you would have consented without much thought, right? In a negotiation it help to show emotions but that was  above the flash point.

I bought something to commemorate Major Paine. We had many evenings of fun. We did the crawl, went to bed at 6 after watching ireland vs france at finniggans. His fantasies ran wild watching a lady on stilettoes  bending over wine bottles, and i enjoyed looking at her colleague  shaking the  mojitos.

 The irish xxxxy stores will be flying.


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