the family chest up in the attic

It was like discovering your grand dad’s old chest up in the attic. The bits and pieces , memoraballia, medals, old letters., coins, that tell the secret past of the family. Secrets unfolding, of events occuring  at the beginning of the last century.

Someone came to the house claiming to be related. I have always been intimate with  the S’s of dad’s siblings, Salleh,Salam, Saniah, Salim, Samian, Safia. There was also this memory of Mr Ahmad of Singapore who I was told was dad’s half brother. That was it.

THe visitor claimed to be a grand child of another one of dad’s half brother. That make him my grand nephew. Mother verified. It is the jasman lineage. Grand dad had two sons before marrying grandma Marseh, Ahmad and Jasman.

After a year finally I managed to lay the kepok and nisan on  my late father’s grave. I have been searching for the granite kepok but to no avail. I have to settle for the white marble. I laid the same on Grandma’s Marseh, and gran Said. Grand dad Passed away in 1937 and Nyai  a good 30 years later in 1967.

Mother told me another secret. After gran Said passed away, his brother SAMAK was wooing nyai. THey were married off  to the dismay of the Samak’s.That explained the long feud.


One Response to the family chest up in the attic

  1. Dalia Samak says:

    my name is dalia samak and i’m looking for relatives all over the world
    i’ve lately joined the “facebook” and found the group “2aal samak” it is dedicated to all samak family mostly in egypt… i see here some arabic names so who knows we might really be related … could you please come and join us on facebook “2aal samak ” group and see if we are really related…there are 28 members in that group already :)
    thanks a lot and looking forward to see u there

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