ceo goblog – Hamilton and Mc Laren Mercedes, an expensive lesson on teamwork

I was literally propping up my eyelids to wait for  the final F1 race this year. It was past midnight when the Brazilian Grand prix at interlagos started.

There were 3 contenders for the championship; Hamilton, Alonso  of Mercedes Mc Laren and raikkonen of Ferrari. Hamilton needed the simplest of challenge to be  the greatest rookie ever. Hamilton needed to finish the race in sixth position to be the first ever rookie to win the championship. No sweat!!

But it was not to be. It was so exciting  I ended up wide-eyed throughtout the race.

Massa was in pole, Hamilton second and Raikonnen third. It was excellent teamwork displayed by ferrari, blocking Hamilton at the start allowing a one two ferrari throughout the race.

 Mc Laren Mercedes has been extraodinary,  reliable and fast this season. They also have the reigning world champion and a cracking rookie in Hamilton. But they lack the teamwork. They were hostile to each other. Hamilton and Alonso were off tangent. They lost the championship.

Ron Dennis, Hamilton and Alonso must be cursing the egos in themselves.

Raikonnen,and Ferrari deserved to be the world champion for the excellent teamwork. It was an expensive lesson in teamwork for Mc Laren Mercedes. Whatever it was, Hamilton had been great this season.


One Response to ceo goblog – Hamilton and Mc Laren Mercedes, an expensive lesson on teamwork

  1. inspigoblog says:

    Iceman raikonnen was quoted in the morning papers(the Star)

    ” We were not in the strongest of positions but we always believed we could recover. even in the bad times, everyone was sticking together and we didn’t give up. I think we had perfect teamwork.”

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