I’ve got time – I went to a funeral

A neighbour passed away after  fighting a long battle. It was  brain tumor. Her obituary said it all

I have fought the good fight

i have finished the race

I have kept the faith

now there is in store for me

the crown of righteuosness

When I responded the numerous SMS’s by saying that I was at a funeral many assumed that the appropriate response was alfatihah. That was alright.

I remember her as the neighbour that visited me when my daughters and I were down with dengue. She was always the one asking about the children. She was the caring neighbour and friend.

I stayed put throughout her final service and rites.  It was one where faiths were non judgemental and personal. She was Lutherean, the husband is not. The family is diverse in faith. She has booked her plot, the husband has not been allowed, but who cares?

To you your religion, to me, mine. Why are we not practicing that?

 Mirror mirror on the wall…………………


2 Responses to I’ve got time – I went to a funeral

  1. mooke says:

    what a touching post you have here..god bless my dear aunty julie. i kissed and hugged her the last time we met only that i didn’t know that it was the last time i’d see her again.

  2. oflionandbear says:

    To you your religion, to me, mine – agree!

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