Sarkozy Addresses the American Congress – He thought George Washington was still alive

At best he was like a seven year old immersed and bewildered in his first visit to Disneyland.

 A thouroghbred poodle he was. With Blair gone sarkozy seized the opportunity to realize his fantasy of love  with anything America. Sarkozy’s France is ready to kowtow to the US.

It was a love fest, an orgy, wild and uninhibited. The Poodle finally got his dream, representing his generation he said. It must be the highlight of his life, able to address the american congress, from the august podium. The only thing he did not mention was Mc Donald. From John Wayne, elvis to Luther King, all the American icons became sarkozy’s marilyn monroe.

If I were french, I would be embarassed. I would  feel   betrayed by that  poodle call Sarkozy.  A pragmatic poodle so he claimed. He thought  George Washington was still alive.  He thought BUsh was the reincarnation of   Washington. He thought he was a reincarnation of Lafayette.  He forgot that it was the French revolution that inspired Washington.


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