Synonyms: These verbs mean to regard with the deepest respect, deference, and esteem. Revere suggests awe coupled with profound honor: “At least one third of the population … reveres every sort of holy man” (Rudyard Kipling).
Worship implies reverent love and homage rendered to God or a god: The ancient Egyptians worshiped a number of gods.
In a more general sense worship connotes an often uncritical devotion: “She had worshiped intellect” (Charles Kingsley).
Venerate connotes reverence accorded by virtue, especially of dignity or age: “I venerate the memory of my grandfather” (Horace Walpole).
To adore is to worship with deep, often rapturous love: The students adored their caring teacher.
Idolize implies worship like that accorded an object of religious devotion: He idolizes his regard with respect tinged with awe; venerate: The child revered her mother.


3 Responses to revere

  1. mooke says:

    this is as close to a one-liner. what’s with the word revere? please enlighten .

  2. inspigoblog says:

    This entry is meant to be a record of my finding on the meaning of revere.

    In the first few verses of annissa, it says revere GOD and revere the Womb or something to that effect. Go figure….

  3. inspigoblog says:

    O mankind! reverence your Guardian-Lord, who created you from a single person, created, of like nature, His mate, and from them twain scattered (like seeds) countless men and women;- reverence God, through whom ye demand your mutual (rights), and (reverence) the wombs (That bore you): for God ever watches over you.

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