LIMA 07 has just ended

The Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition has just ended. Business wise it was an awesome week for us.

Seeing the SU 30 MKM  was mind boggling. It defies the science of flying. The Malaysian pilots who managed to master the SU within a very short space of time mean that something is right about the training of our pilots.

It went vertical, spin, played dead, turned and twist, things that normal aircraft are not able to do.

I am proud to have been part of the SU 30 MKM project. It launched us to be the fuelling specialist. We get recognised as one, focussed  in what we do.

Trade shows mean getting as many SIGNIFICANT meetings as possible. Trade shows particularly LIMA means that we have an average of four hours of sleep.

It is a time to learn, to size up your conpetitors, to posture, to set up alliances, to thank your clients, to wine, to dine, to dance the night away, to have your cOHIBAs, to be intimate.

LIMA is the most intimate show in the world.

It is an addictive  hobby.


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