Filling the Decorated Position of Chief

The positions of chief of many government organizations including the military  are but decorated positions.  By decorated,  I mean they are generally ineffective and up for purposes other than what leadership is for. 

Many organizations have been manipulated where the leadership positions  are  being used for  the purpose of rewards, in return for loyalty and  for for being subservient, as part of some brokerage, compromise or deals.

It is not unlike the manipulation of the judiciary. From another perspective you may conclude that  if the suppposedly independent and  mighty judiciary is subject to such manipulations and abuses what are the army, navy, police and airforce which are always percieved as instruments of governments.

The culprit? the political masters. The business minded political masters.

How could you be affective as chief if your tour of service is a mere three years?  How could you be effective if the position of chief is considered as tour of service? It is but a sad state of affair.

The civilians political masters are now the ultimate chiefs of the Armed forces. While many believe that in a democracy, such is the desired state, in a country like ours where the professional soldiers are indoctrinated democrats, the politicising of the defence forces are doing damages to the organizations and are therefore unnecessary.

The ultimate objective is to develop a professional defence force manned by professional soldiers. Period. With the brightest being indoctrinated  to become professional soldiers in military schools from the age of fifteen the framework for a military force par excellence is already in existence.

Our military personnels, many of  whom I have the opportunities of being colleagues  and friends, are at the top end of the scale  in terms of intelligence and leadership qualities. Unfortunately the systems are such that these fine soldiers are being abused by the business minded politicians. Many are frustrated. Many consider themselves being raped. There are the dishonorable ones who say ” we are being raped, there is nothing we could do  about it, let us enjoy it” That is a shame!!

There are still many who command my greatest respect, for trying to deliver the best within the constraints and environment they are in. It could be a lot better.

Why are we not empowering them, just as what we do to the many GLCs?


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