The Prime Minister’s Luncheon but without the host

During LIMA 07, one of the highlights amongst exhibitors was the invitation to attend a luncheon hosted by the Prime Minister.

Imagine the embarassment and disgust amongst the organizer and those invited when the Prime Minister himself as the host did not  bother to attend. It was embarassing to us Malaysians who have to contend with making it as a joke or at best create the excuse that the Prime minister was too busy with affairs of state.

It was left to the Deputy Prime Minister to save the day by inviting non VIPs to the VIP table, with remarks that the table was too big and the food too much  for him alone.

And this was an international event. It could not be his upbringing as he was a foreign minister once. He should be comfortable amongst the bedouins as much as to be amongst captains of industries from  the nooks and corners of the world.

It was damaging to his reputation at least with me. It was not a class act. It was not hadhari or civil either. He must have considered this as an event that would not contribute to the numbers game in the election.

The lunch was excellent, particularly the entree.  I had two helpings of the Smoked tenggiri and smoke salmon salad.  


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