Make Your Choice “Public safety OR FREEDOM” – Abdullah Badawi


What are we to become. The Prime Minister has given us the choice between Public safety and freedom. Many amongst us would be cowed into making the choice. What a silly, cowing proposition this is. We demand both, freedom and safety.

Granted, freedom has to be gained with responsibility. So is power! Power is to be used to ensure both freedom and safety to the rakyat. Power must not be used to supress, to cow, to sway public opinion, to bully, to make life difficult for people to exercise their freedom.

Wasn’t the the fight against the Malayan union won through peaceful demonstration.

Granted that the content of the memorandum by HINDRAFF are malicious and seditious. Charge them under the sedition act, but do not curtail the right to peaceful demonstration.

Do not bully us by creating unnecessary roadblocks to frustrate ordinary Malaysians to hate, dislike and feel bad about demonstration. Do not provoke peaceful demonstration. Do not send in SBs to be agent provocateur.

Do not cow us into making that choice. We want both.


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