Looking Forward – Value creation

The word turnaround  can mean different things. In the all boys boarding school when a cute junior  is being asked to turnaround it may spell trouble. When the headmaster utters such word, you automatically know the next word is ‘bend down”. When a business is about to crash, turnaround is the effort to  point to the sky again and try to gain altitude.

When I relinquished my executive position on Independence Day, I told the crowd that I was  not going into semi retirement but to focus on my new undertaking, to turnaround ailing companies.

It is very much related to creating values or it is all about creating value.

It has been a fairly successful outing. The greatest stumbling blocks are recalcitrant and incompetent leaders…leaders who are in their comfort zones and leaders  who do not value add.

Looking forward, it will be my catch phrase this year… VALUE CREATION.

value in business, 

value in personal and family health.

value   in TIME

value in relationship

value in TEAM

value in learning

However I am always mindful that there are things that are priceless and invaluable.


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