The CIA jihadis ?

If I were the director of CIA  or any intelligence organization for that matter, I would penetrate the Jihadis organizations and make them blow themselves up  to serve my interests. Easy…

Can someone explain to me , what is in the mind of the jihadis, those willing to blow themselves up with the intent to cause maximum damage and casualties? Those who commit suicide at least have the decency to preseve other lives. Have they been promised  insurances for the families they left behind in addition to the promise of paradise by irresponsible religionists?It is mind boggling.

When Benazir was assasinated my immediate reaction was ‘ damn the jihadis , shame on you!” . I know that the Assasination of Benazir is a complicated case. There could be more than one gun men and snipers, there could be the work of multiple organizations, BUT how could there be someone willing to be strapped of explosives and ready to pull the detonator on his own free will.

Mad, deranged and misguided.

That someone is now termed as the jihadis in the Muslim world. They may be called suicide bombers somewhere else.

How could there be religionists and ulamas or scholars who issue or even condone such edicts that assure jihadis of martydom. These are irresponsible, ignorant souls.

The game now is more complicated. It is not unreasonable to think that even the CIA or the ISI may have in their payroll ready bombers in the name of ISLAM and take pride to be called jihadis.


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