Entreupreunership – Balls of steel

A friend once said that he would rather be a proffesional manager then an entreupreuner. He just does not have the balls of steel, he said. 

Have you ever felt your balls shrinkng when you are under pressure or when you feel afraid, or at times of difficulty or adversity. It is just a natural uncontrollable and impulsive action to protect your most sensitive organ. That is the most natural way to survive.

Footbllers clasped their crotch whenever freekicks are about to be taken and they are part of the defensive wall. An entreupreneur has  to face more then a free kick.  It could be a continuous barrage of canonballs coming from all directions.The defensive wall is supposed  to remain intact

A set of steel balls would therefore be useful. Hopefully you will not feel the pain, and would not fear it being easily broken.

Will it melt in adverse heat?. It therefore boils down to your nerve as it is the system that controls and command. Nerve of steel they say. It would prevent the balls being drawn in which could also be fatal.


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