Reading the Koran – The Book is like A Compass

To use the compass you do not need an interpreter to  help you, unless  you are blind. A compass is just a magnetised piece of iron suspended on a piece of string.

The Book is like the compass. It guides, it gives direction. Each person is entitled to access and have this compass. He intreprets the map in his hand, with the guide of his compass. He does not have to be a ship captain, nor a pilot, to read this simple device. To everyone it shows one direction. There is no distinction between users.

People being people, they like to do more then expected. Tariq Ramadan in his essay “reading the Koran ” writes that there are three distinct readers of the Koran. Similarly I say that there are three types of users of the compass.

The first group are the  common users. They use it in their daily functions.

The second level are those who like to study the compas so that they can produce their own manual.

The third level are the people who wants to do a thesis to get his doctorate in COMPASS TECHNOLOGY,  for whatever reason, commercial or political. A decree could be issued that only compass with brand A can be used, often with the magnetic true north corrected.

I am contented to be an ordinary  user who would like to encourage others to use the compass rather then going about directionless.  I do not wish to be the manualist nor the compass Doctor.

Essay by Tariq Ramadan


2 Responses to Reading the Koran – The Book is like A Compass

  1. Amir Zohri says:

    How true. With a compass in hand many would prefer to be blind and shown the directions. I believe being too lazy to look for directions or someone along the line has conned them that the compass is a difficult tool to use and requires a “tour guide” each with their own manipulative ways to get new customers.

    In the early days, one is so scared to even switch on the PC as the instruction book is so thick. Now, the PCs and softwares are operated without even having spent a minute reading the instruction manual (or is there one now!).

    Life is easy… unless one opts to make it complicated and ritualistic.


  2. inspigoblog says:

    amir, you are the first swinger to post a comment on sigo blog. i look forward to having more swingers on board.
    many spend too much time arguing and trying to intrepret the compass rather then intrepreting the map in his hand. Life is simple , the map is simple, the map will be simpler with a compass.

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