Suharto is dead, Megat Junid is dead, Ir Rahman is dead

I went to a funeral today. A business acquaintance, a fellow engineer and a friend passed away. He lost the battle against cancer. I know him as a person  who worked hard to develop an engineering practice

Just two days ago it was Mahathir’s Deputy Minister  of Home Affairs. It was also cancer.

What is your best bet against cancer?. I am of the opinion that the best protection is prayers. You can only pray  that you and your family are guided in things you do, food you eat, places you go to and the protection you put on. The manner cancer strikes,  its victims seems defenceless.

One of the most powerful Mahathir’s deputies and henchmen, Tan Sri Megat Junid disappeared from the public eyes after retiring from active politics. During his days as Home minister it was boom time for the business of bringing Indonesian labours to Malaysia. Unofficial figures indicate that it  has outnumbered the  Malaysian citizens of Indian origin. Two million Indonesian is a fair estimate.

Can you imagine that if the company responsible to bring the Indonesian earn RM1000 per worker, the value of business  is RM 2 billion every 2 to 3 years. There was and there is still money to be made on the trafficking of labour.

Nothing however can compare to the amount of money that the man in control can make from having absolute power. Today we hear the news on the passing of once the most powerful and perhaps the richest man of Indonesia. Even his son managed to get into Forbes list of the  richest man in Indonesia. Indonesia is a country rich in resources. The absolute monarch  or dictator as many like to categorize him, will just need to monopolise the import and export of crude, cloves, salt, minerals and you name it. The charges can be as low as ONE rupiah  or  one cent, or  one dollar per barrel, per tonne or per kilo or per megabyte.

As always, there are always friends and foes who view another being from two  or more different perspectives. Death is always a sad parting. Two public figures and a friend. May their souls be blessed.

Harimau mati meningglkan belang, gajah mati meninggalkan tulang, manusia mati meninggalkan nama.


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