The Parks of Kuala Lumpur and PJ – i need a decent park

Sunday morning.  I have read all the Sunday papers and done all the lazy sunday morning  routine  but there was something I yearned to do. I yearned to be at FRIM, the Forest Research Institute Park in Kepong. It must be the   laborius number crunching saturday,  I just needed to be surrounded by nature. The only park in KL /PJ that qualifies and  meets  my criteria of  a park is FRIM. A distant alternative  would be  to spend a  wintry  morning at the embankment park. No joke, and not wishful thinking, Maybe I will do that next week when I will be in cold wet and windy London.

To me  a park is  an open space with trees and turfs.  It could be a manicured manmade green park or it could be a natural  tropical park. There is a park near home but that is more like  a Morib, or kuala selangor Municipal park, with steel structures, redbrick pathways and concrete monuments and benches. There are also electrical palms growing.

These people, the park planners of city hall,  misunderstand the concept of park design. They think a park is a children playground. I repeat, a park is an open space with trees and turfs. A lake, a stream or a water feature is a bonus. No, not to this government landscapist.  They tend to be preoccupied with things unnatural,  things plastic. Fake, fake , fake.Tthey tend to be too engrossed in meeting their KPI which I guess is the number of contracts for erecting those silly looking structures and monuments.

A great city MUST have a park. It is mandatory. I was looking forward to see the amalgamation of a few forest reserves to be the KL central Park. It is the best gift from Malaysia. Brilliant, but I am not sure if those guys in city hall understand the difference between a playground, a fare ground and a nature park.

The likely explanation for the love of concrete structure could be the overexposure to tropical menace in their chilhood. They see concrete and plastics as modern.

I hear with delight the proposal by Malaysia Nature society to make the Federal Hill a national heritage. It is in the the STAR today.

I yearn to be with whoever with a cigar, a book, a picnic basket and the glassware and readyto uncork. Nasi lemak would be nice, with black coffee or  a red. The winter morning and nasi lemak  is a perfect combination. . Nevermind getting the mat wet.

3 Responses to The Parks of Kuala Lumpur and PJ – i need a decent park

  1. i so agree with you, its so hard to find a decent parks to just laze around reading a book and beer. if you do that say in some park in kl, passerbys will just look at you and start bitchin on how stupid we look sitting down outside the sun. sigh. do let me know if you find any decent parks please. =)

  2. inspigoblog says:

    frim is the best. you can actually uncork a bottle or two and and do your beer thing , mat spread, without loss of privacy. i did that. just be a bit discreet though.
    i am now in dorset, i visited poole park two days ago but it is not that good.
    templer park used to be good, but those idiots in sa messed it up.
    go up to fraser hill. not been there a long time though.
    people say the botanical garden putrajaya is ok. is it the same as the wetlands?
    hopefully london will not be wet, i like to do the anthony burgess biography , dont know which park .

  3. Scorpion says:

    Yeah! A city must have a park! Just as you are beginning to feel comfotable, you will see nasi lemak, nasi paprik, burger and many other stalls springing up like mushrooms under the care of DBKL and other local councils. However if it belong to a non-Malay you can expect rapid-fire enforcement citing illegal hawking!

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