Inspigob is In Dorset – enjoying the views of the Sandbanks

It is supposed to be the most expensive real estate in the UK, the Sandbanks. It is a place where celebrities and footballers, (cultured footballers  only) have their holiday homes.

I arrived at Heathrow at 520 am . The Chauffer was waiting. The Jag glided unintteruppted for an hour and a half to get us to this beautiful boutique hotel, the Harbor Heights.

I told Ellaine, the chauffer,  that when I was a student I could only afford to take a bus from Arndale and walk along the sandbanks.

“Neither could we now , sir”, she replied.

I recieved a text message from  my buddy, Isaham Rais, inviting to his gig at “no black tie” tonight. My apology was responded with a chiding for the dreadful English weather. I did not tell him that I was going to Sandbanks. A request to introduce me to one of his exploits was not responded.

The sun is shining. 6 deg C. Refreshing. Why retire to Malaysia My Second Home? Cheaper of course, and the firemen and the council  employees need to retire somewhere.

After breakfast of smoked kippers here i am trying to do some work. Did I say work??


5 Responses to Inspigob is In Dorset – enjoying the views of the Sandbanks

  1. norasiah says:

    we are having dreadful weather in kj, been raining since 5pm, tonite there will be story readings in no black tie your buddy will be spinning some good yarns,

  2. catwomen says:

    I miss u so very much!!!!

  3. adam jawa special says:

    hey abah ni adam esok boleh adam cuti tution

  4. teratai says:

    yes…work!!! while you climb the mountain enjoy the view…

  5. inspigoblog says:

    hello Adam, yes you can have a day off tomorrow the 11th of february. Have you got your wallet and your piggy bank? make one.

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