Poole Dorset – The Brits are still USING IMPERIAL MEASURES / MILES AND FOOT

“You Brits are so ancient!!” I was exchanging banters with the taxi driver.

” The king’s foot ?” I said.

My “wrath” was not without reason. I decided to take a walk to Poole town. The road sign showed 3.5. Thinking it was kilometre I braved the gale force freezing wind. My ears went brittle, luckily the HB leather jacket and the long muffler  passed the artic test. The comfortable SF shoes proved its worth too.

Along the what seemed a never ending walk, I saw my old school, where as an impressionable 17 year old I was introduced to the other world. The solid premise where Lloyds bank was,  is now a car centre. The park with its breakwater  which also serves as a rail track was my first impression of Poole.

There are just so many things  I could not manage to do this time around: albert road, alan, winthrop,  don, turner, wessex bowl, hole in the wall, branksome, kings, dixon, the music shop, tiffanys , the list continues.  There were just too many firsts connected to Poole and Dorset.

My feet hurt. It must be the longest walk I have ever done, 6.4 km. On the way back I took the taxi. We stopped to buy fish and chips, and before that cornish pastries.

On second thought, I asked, why the need to change to SI, the french matric system , when you are controlling the world finance.  The french can do the work, the brits control the finance. On the plane, I read two interesting articles

a. A tale of three cities. London, new York and Hong Kong  control the word finance.

b. The highest paid professionals are those doing finance, relegating the dot com, IT and engineering to the lower rungs.

As I told junior, you do not need to do things I have done. You explore the new frontier.


One Response to Poole Dorset – The Brits are still USING IMPERIAL MEASURES / MILES AND FOOT

  1. junior says:

    u alright daddy!

    my mate is coming around 8-ish to drop the stuff that i told u earlier.

    have a jolly good time in london and see u tomorrow


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