Note; 4 am the 10th of Feb. I am physically in KL but my biological clock  and my  gastronomic enzymes is still in  London dinner/evening  modeHere I am watching CNN.


Camden market is a third world market. It is a place you  would find a piece of the Caribbean, Kingston town, st Vincent, a piece pf Lagos, a piece of Chow Kit, a hot pot of the old colonial outposts. This is a place you get China made goods, Rasta paraphernalia, Asian take aways, cheap Indian textiles and craft. It is third world. The cockneys have been chased out

Next to it is a beautiful canal. I like the canal but not the market. The canal connects it to old London. It is the opposite of the Leaden Hall market. It is not like the quaint Oxford Covered market. You do not find, jellied eel, smoked kippers, rocops, but you find stalls selling anytything Asian, African or Caribbean.

This is not the only part of London which is third world. There are so many places in London that has not changed since the last world war.

The underground is another piece of London that has not changed. I had to take the tube from Whitechapel to Marble Arch. It was  pathetic. The train was so slow, the public information system was not working, and the coaches have seen better days. The Central Line service is a lot better but would not be able to match Hong Kong Singapore or even Kuala Lumpur. No wonder the taxi driver in the black cab I was in interspersed his conversations with useless in his opinion of ken Livingstone.

There are attempts to rejuvenate this part of London for the 2012 Olympics. You could see that happening but the area has been neglected for far too long.

It was the cockneys, then the Jews and then the Pakistanis and now it is a piece of first world  Dacca. The only consolation is that you do not see them in Lundis, bet there are lots of kamis salwar.

Famous? not really. Third world? yes but at least the people are in the first world, the newspapers are first world.


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